Event med Riccardo

Now you have the chance to have Riccardo in your pizzeria for special events or demonstrations 

Now you have the opportunity to hire your private pizza chef for, for example, birthdays, weddings, and other private or corporate events

For more information or reservations send an e-mail to riccardo@dariccardo.se

"Da Riccardo" the real Neapolitan pizza is the name of the pizzeria that represents him, here he brought his experience as a pizza chef and every day he offers pizzas with typical flavors that convey all the Italian tradition.

The first notions he learned at 17 were about cooking, then he began to approach the white art by working in a pizzeria in Florence.

From Italy he moved to Sweden and became passionate about fermentation, and everything that encompasses the world of pizza.

The path he chooses for his life goes precisely in that direction.

He comes to Sweden and makes Roman pizza in various restaurants in Gothenburg, then in 2016 he realizes his dream of having his own pizzeria; he opens "Da Riccardo" in Alingsås, where he cooks authentic Neapolitan pizza.

In 2021 it received the trademark and Riccardo's pizzeria became an AVPN branch (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) and is the only pizzeria to be so in the entire region.

The Vera Pizza Napoletana brand certifies that the pizzeria that displays it makes a pizza that complies with AVPN international production specifications, of this excellence in the Neapolitan gastronomic tradition.

Riccardo Birghillotti conducts his business with great professionalism and all his passion shines through, he also takes part in competitions both in Sweden and in Italy and achieves excellent placements.

2ND PLACE 2017 at SM

1st PLACE 2018 at SM

In 2018 he was among the top 17 in Parma at the World Pizza Championship and participated twice in the European Pizza Championship.

Since 2018, he has been part of the jury for the Pizza Champion Cup in the Scandinavian championship and will soon also sit on the jury for the Nordic Cup Championship.